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Abi Quiñones Fonjallaz

Yoga Teacher and Psychologist

Yoga is key to connecting with my inner self. I started practicing yoga in 2001, while studying for my masters degree in Psychology. Yoga allowed me to discover a simple way to savour the experience of being alive, to take distance from judgements and daily concerns.

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2003 in different cultural contexts: in Niger, the Philippines, France and Switzerland.

After an inspiring experience at Anand Prakash yoga ashram in India, I completed my yoga teacher training in Bali with Akasha Yoga Academy (certified RYS-200 Yoga Alliance). An intensive Yoga for Cancer training program (Y4C) at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, USA, allowed me to deepen my understanding and develop skills to provide appropriate yoga classes for cancer survivors.

In 2017, I also enhanced my teaching techniques in Biodynamic Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Cat Kabira in Costa Rica. A deep immersion in Hatha Yoga and Pranayama with Stephen Thomas at Airyoga, Zurich and a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat led by Steve and Rosemary Weissman enriched my personal yoga and meditation practice. This journey of growth and learning continues through regular yoga retreats and workshops.

Delighted and honored to share the bliss of yoga with you. 



"Abi immediately made me feel totally comfortable on the mat. With gentle and positive energy and a pleasant, soothing voice she draws you into the breathing. She really holds the values of yoga, has immersed herself in its true meanings and origins. With her you will experience a pure and authentic practice. Every single time I walk out of the class, I feel blissfully balanced and refreshed. In a period where I had a tough time in life, Abby's classes have been little beacons of light. Other times it is a powerful balancing exercise, a reminder to come back to yourself. Abby gives you space to be yourself, to feel and be whatever you are in that moment. To me she is exactly what a yoga teacher should be."

- E. De Proost

"Abi is one of a kind. She helps me discover more of myself with every practice. There is amazing energy during her classes. She encourages me to go deeper both physically and mentally through the very well-composed sequence of asanas and lets me find what works best. The class usually has a topic linked with a weather or season which brings the practice into the present moment. Abi is connected with the students during the class and also she builds the relationship with us and connects the yoga community off the mat. I always feel refreshed, aligned and energised after the class but also calm, positive and full of kindness."

- K. Kovarikova

"I've been doing yoga with Abi for quite a while. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable Yoga teacher. She perfectly combines the physical and the mental part of Yoga. She has such a great spirit which you feel in her classes. I always feel energized and centered to myself after classes, thanks to Abi."

- A. Kroeni

"I love Abi's guidance while doing Yoga, she's very attentive to you and creates a calm space where you are free to listen to yourself. She makes you feel like you're practicing together, teacher and student both contributing to the shared moment, and not simply like she's giving a lesson. She has this kindness and peace to share that are beautiful in Yoga instructors."

- A. Spang

"I always considered yoga a boring and a little-physical thing to do until I met ABI! She introduced me to a totally different concept of yoga - so different from the  commercialised yoga classes at fitness centres. Every time after the class I feel so relaxed and yet energised. Abi is very hospitable, friendly and makes you feel very comfortable, apart from that she is a great professional explaining everything with all details and is very spiritual too. My favourite thing to start the morning on weekends - is yoga with Abi! Thank you !"

- Yuliya

"Abi knows to create a perfect atmosphere with her kindness, good vibes, candles and tea, to start into the yoga class. I like her precise body and breathing work with always different exercices to practice with new details and information. Her clear, calm and fresh voice guides me safely and motivates me through the lessons."

- B. Schönenberger

"I am a yoga newbie! I went to Abi's class fearing that I might hold the class down with my ignorance. However, Abi expertly led the class and knew how to differentiate the positions based on our level. I really appreciated her explanations and use of creative imagery (Her Psychology background shows). I left the class feeling truly relaxed and invigorated...and with a deeper appreciation for the art and science of yoga---which Abi has so wonderfully demonstrated to me. I will surely be back!"

- S. Bruni